Law enforcement officials while in the United Arab Emirates and voluntarily gave a statement, a law enforcement official said Wednesday. She was not in custody, the official said.A New Jersey congressman previously said Rahami had emailed his office in 2014 for help in getting her a visa to enter the United States from Pakistan when she was pregnant.Rahami’s defense attorney, David Patton, on Wednesday asked for his first court appearance to be scheduled as soon as possible, even if it occurs in his hospital bed.”He has been held and questioned by federal law enforcement agents since his arrest,” Patton, head of the New York City federal public defenders office, said in a court filing. Constitution] requires that he be given access to counsel on the federal charges, and that he be presented without delay.”New York Police Commissioner James O’Neill told a news conference that investigators had not yet received doctors’ clearance to interview Rahami, adding, “That may happen in the next 24 hours, pending the doctors’ approval.”Federal prosecutors in New York pointed out that while they filed charges against Rahami on Tuesday, he remains in the custody of state officials in New Jersey, who initially arrested him after Monday’s gunfight.

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