Provides examples of: And Now for Someone Completely Different: Kinda. Except, that’s the point, so it’s not really unexpected. Animesque: “Damaged” is drawn in a manga style, complete with cat smiles on occasions. Art Shift: Each issue is drawn in a different style despite coming from the same artist. Compare “One Shot, Don’t Miss” (High contrast, realistic proportions) to “Damaged” (sketchy artwork, character designs looking like something out of a conventional shoujo manga).

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Hermes Birkin replica Later in the first book, Melisande is subject to two different plans to produce children; neither party obtains her free consent, and she dies in childbirth. Death by Childbirth: The fate of Melisande in the first book. Decoy Protagonist: It initially looks like Melisande might be the main character of the trilogy she’s introduced first, she’s tough enough to defy a dragon in Chapter 2, she’s got a developed love interest, and she’s in line to assume the position that the first book is named after (Mistress of Dragons). Hermes Birkin replica

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