Little House on the Prairie: In “Barn Burner,” a black man named Joe Kagan (Moses Gunn, in a recurring role) is the lone holdout on a jury that has voted to convict racist farmer Judd Larabee for burning down Jonathan Garvey’s barn. Ironically, Larabee had objected to forming a cooperative specifically because Kagan the lone black farmer in the Walnut Grove area would also get to enjoy the co op’s benefits, and Larabee was fingered as the suspect after Garvey confronted Larabee at his home. Kagan’s instincts prove right: Andy Garvey, who had been assaulted by Larabee on the night of the barn fire, had accidentally caused the fire after leaving a burning lantern hang on a hook just outside the barn door, and the wind swept the flames into the dry tinderwood. Larabee is acquitted of barn burning (a crime that was punishable by death). and he shows his “gratitude” by going on a tirade about blacks. By this point, everyone is tired of his rants, and he is left to die a lonely, bitter man.

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