Some indy wrestlers could be called “stiffness spot monkeys”. Stiffness is a wrestling term to describe how hard the fake strikes are the harder they are, the stiffer they are. William Regal and Fit Finlay are two good mainstream examples of stiff workers, and two examples of good ones. But on the indy scene, some guys just whale on each other as hard as they can for no particular reason. Raven actually ranted about this phenomenon on his blog. This is due to the influence of Japanese wrestling on the indy scene, and the popularity of super stiff Japanese wrestlers like Kenta Kobashi. But Kobashi, like Finlay and Regal, can work stiff responsibly, and the Japanese touring schedule is much more relaxed, allowing the wrestlers more time off to recover and thus allowing them to take more punishment in the ring.

Brick Joke: The third Dalek of the recurring trio finally gets to drive the transporter when ramming the invading forces. Butt Monkey: Longbark keeps getting stuck testing Yttral’s inventions, whether they be teleportation, sonic specs, or invisible paint. Canon Welding: Mostly Doctor Who series canon to the TV Century 21 Dalek comic strip but also including pretty much any Dalek related media seen in the last fifty years. For example, the Golden Emperor comes from the comic strip, but his Imperial Guard are taken directly from the Davros Imperial Dalek faction from the late classic series period, while Xenol’s Daleks have the colouring of the Renegade Faction from the same period and his Imperial Casing is the one from “The Evil of the Daleks”. Both sides have capabilities taken from the latest series though like independent powered flight and many of the background characters have casings based on alternative designs from the various spin off books of the 1960’s. The most obvious example though is the combination of Yarvelling, creator of the Dalek travel machines in TV Century 21 with Davros, creator of the Daleks in the TV series into a single character. Cloudcuckoolander: Grexzol and Yttral. The first keeps on rambling about his old campaigns, and the latter isn’t all there. Both turn out to be way more dangerous than you’d think. Colony Drop: How Xenol solves the problem of Slepkt. Color Coded for Your Convenience: If you pay attention, you can tell a Dalek’s job description, rank and what organisation they belong to, simply by looking at their casing. Combat Medic: Combat Mechanics, at one point a group of them take on a squad of First Empire shock troops with nothing but their tools. Cool Starship: The Battlesaucers. To fire at an another ship, they need to flip over to the side. Crapsack World: Not apparent at first, but remember that the Daleks pretty much curb stomp anything in the Whoniverse if The Doctor isn’t involved, and that the Time Lords were the only beings that could match the Daleks in the Time War, and even then they ended up losing (sort of). Now, we have yet to see the Doctor (or any Time Lord, in fact) in the comic. Guess what this means for the rest of the Galaxy. Crazy Enough to Work: On Xenol’s plan to destroy a Battlesaucer:Anzollo: And that is your cunning plan? To fly this gunship along the sensor shadow of a moving Battlesaucer in the middle of a void charge attack and attach jury rigged mines to its hull without them noticing? The reason that sensor shadow tactic is not included in the Dalek Fleet Battle Manual is because it is impossible. That shadow is barely as wide as this ship. With respect General that is the most insane plan you have come up with since the one where we attack the heart of the Dalek Empire with nothing more that a gunship and thirty commandos.

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