Nice Hat: Lloyd Grant has one sweet hat on during the 30th anniversary show. Dope Slap: Rachel’s all over it for receiving dope bops to the head. The fans wear beer mug “foam heads” (a spoof of the “Cheese Heads” worn by Green Bay Packers’ fans) and perform “the chug” (similar to the “tomahawk chop” used by the Florida State Seminoles and Atlanta Braves).

Body Horror: Formorians in the sequel. The golden red hues of Sunset Shore in particular are spectacular. He originally gained fame in the 1980’s as the bass player for indie rock Replica Valentino Handbags band The Housemartins, a band Replica Handbags known for their Christian Marxist beliefs and Designer Replica Handbags the singles “Happy Hour” and “Caravan of Replica Stella McCartney bags Love”..

Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: In the final Act of Subcon Forest, Hat Kid defaces Valentino Replica Handbags the contract The Snatcher gave Hermes Replica Handbags her and pre stamped, making it give her full access to the area Replica Hermes Handbags and become The Snatcher’s BFF. Kyoto Animation used the manga as the basis for a highly successful anime series, which got acquired for American distribution by Bandai Entertainment, and dubbed with around the same casting as Haruhi.

Doubles as Fridge Brilliance since sharp eyed viewers will notice that Lasky is going through videos he’s already seen before. Took Replica Designer Handbags a Level in Dumbass: The entire cast. The main reason for this is that you can’t then Replica Hermes Birkin fight the dead person again later.

Birds of a Feather: Stella McCartney Replica bags Cyclops and Rogue. Bigger on the Inside: Practically every building in The House is bigger on the inside than on the outside. In fact, part of the reason he almost beat Josuke and Okuyasu is because Harvest used their needle like noses to discreetly inject liquor into their bodies, getting them drunk; if he’d really wanted the guys dead, Shigechi could have used any number of more toxic liquids instead.