Played with in Farscape where the vast bulk of space is unknown to the two Great Powers (the Peacekeepers and Scarrans) and called “The Uncharted Territories” where their knowledge ends and filled with unknown terrors. Only she’s overlooking Sydney Harbour instead, reflecting the status of Australia in this world as the land of freedom, liberty, opportunity, and multiculturalism.

Crisis Crossover: Last But Not Beast Replica Handbags had the Dexter Stella McCartney Replica bags and Designer Replica Handbags Monkey segments connected via the giant Replica Valentino Handbags monster destroying Japan. At the Hermes Replica Handbags age of four he is already resourceful enough to manage without his father or other adults for days on end, capable of one punching a kid twice his Valentino Replica Handbags size and handle weapons (meagerly, but still.).

Played straight in any novel involving Scarecrow. Wak, a slang referring to a man taking care of a shop and used as such in Route of Land. Sprague de Camp appeared in 1953. Contrived Coincidence: Oh, quite a bit Replica Hermes Handbags of it. He chooses the elixir that will turn him into a “warrior”, and with an agonising scream, regenerates into the War Doctor..

Lost Orphaned Royalty: Having been kidnapped by Dumbledore, Harry is one of these, considering that only a decade later he Replica Hermes Birkin learned the truth about his parents (not that anyone else in Britain knew though). Deus Replica Designer Handbags ex Machina: Any time that something goes wrong, the trusty Maghooks come out.

Dmitri and Alina Tokamak: A parody of the Wonder Twins and Marvel Family. He also made an exception for Replica Stella McCartney bags R. The Pavian Compact, a defensive coalition of northern Italian city states neutral in the League/Alliance fighting. Adaptation Dye Job: Ada and Ruby are both brunettes in the book and blonde in the movie.