Green Oni, Blue Oni: Bumpy and Squishy. Although some of the character designs are western (in both senses of the word). “Cockpit Chaos”: One of the shots is of a tripped circuit breaker. The Grim Reaper Maniac Monkeys: The Evil Monkey in Chris’ closet.

The ending shows that pizza place, and the board says “New: Pizza of the week. Head In A Box: Talonhoof did this to Replica Hermes Handbags return Replica Stella McCartney bags every ambassador suing for Replica Hermes Birkin peace that the Equestrian government sent to him. King George III puts the Replica Designer Handbags HAM into Hamilton. Everyone Is Bi: A lot of characters are, even characters that are supposed Replica Valentino Handbags to be straight, like Artie, tend to have sex with the same gender, though the first time he was being mind controlled and the second time he Stella McCartney Replica bags was really drunk not to mention Designer Replica Handbags the time Artie literally Mind Raped Joel.

Slapstick: Whenever the clowns appear, this is bound to be part of their schtick in the great traditions of both circus and clowning. All the reader is told is that it involves monks and soup and that the Hermes Replica Handbags punchline includes the phrase “bad milk.” Our Monsters Are Different: A rare application of this trope to a single being.

“Mr. Several of the lever action rifles used by assorted people are Henry 1860s, which, you Valentino Replica Handbags guessed it, were first made in 1860, right before the Civil War started. I Have the High Ground: One of her preferred moves was a kick done after springing off the second rope.

Karate and barely defeat him. The rest, to use an old clich is history. In love with her boyfriend but ambivalent about her pregnancy, Saori is strongly implied to have had an abortion by the end of the story. Replica Handbags Hordak makes a shadowy cameo in “Separation” when the Sorceress explains the origin of the dark hemisphere.