This series had openly disobeyed the Soviet cinema rule of depicting the Nazis as monsters. Walther Schellenberg, M and Bormann were performed by the popular and charismatic actors Oleg Tabakov, Leonid Bronevoy and Yuri Visbor (who managed to lend a touch of charm to their roles while leaving the audience with no illusions as to the morality of their characters), and Nazi bosses in general were shown as being very much alike the Soviet bosses of the time. And the protagonist, Stirlitz, looked like a Soviet intellectual who had to hide his true self under the mask of obedience, loyalty and “proper ideological orientation”. Stirlitz’s awesome ability to outwit his bosses and keep “the human face” at the same time (despite the fact that one could hardly make a career in SS from 1939 till 1945 without staining his hands) was praised by the Soviet audience, who felt as though they were being spied on in their own country.

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