Millions of people try every day to make ‘good’ choices and do the ‘right thing’, be ethical, charitable and community minded. It’s hard. Most of us live with hypocrisy and failure all the time but keep on trying. Nor does it have anything to do with the Post Punk band led by Mark E. Smith also called The Fall.This film contains examples of: Adult Fear: A 5 year old child climbing on shelves. And falling. Ubba briefly leaves Guthrum exposed and undermanned in Wessex so he can avenge his brother Ivar in Ireland. Evil Uncle: who deprives Uhtred of his rightful inheritance. Exact Words: Father Beocca says Skorpa will die by his spear. Jason comments for the last 25 years, she has claimed one ailment after another after another. She claims to be at Death’s door so often, he notes she must have worn a hole in the welcome mat. It’s All About Me: Paula is exceptionally self absorbed and obsessed with her own looks, that she lives in a mirror, and sees the world as nothing more than a reflection of herself.

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