Everyone else’s reaction when they see the results of the above. Then there’s a Mass “Oh, Crap!” when Shub Niggurath starts emerging. One Winged Angel: Nyarlathotep takes on his true form when fighting the Princesses outside reality. Feed Me: “MJOLNIIIIIIR!!!” The Game Plays You Ironic Echo: “It doesn’t have to end.” Kick the Dog: King Argyle when he insults Tamara. Greg pretty much constantly. Large Ham: Bjorn refuses to break character for almost the entire duration of the film, trumpeting every word he says in a hammy Viking style. Because Destiny Says So: Holy crap, does it ever. Why don’t the people of Auldrant do anything when something bad happens? Because the Score predicted it, so there’s no point meddling. Why does Grand Maestro Mohs want to start a war between the two major superpowers of the world? Because the Score said it would happen.

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