The album has gone on to become one of the Who’s most celebrated works after Tommy, and was the album they chose to perform when they relaunched back in 1996 97. Adults Are Useless: Though as this is about youth, it may be more that Jimmy can’t accept help. The liner notes take a jab at this with a disclaimer from the band saying that their parents are all lovely people who “live in big houses that we bought for them.” Album Intro Track: “I Am the Sea”. Alliterative Title: “Bell Boy”, “Sea and Sand”. “5:15” is downplayed, being not spelled out. All There in the Manual: While Quadrophenia may be more straightforward than Tommy, it has much less dialogue and narration. Most people will have read the synopsis included in the liner notes, or seen the movie, before they even begin to figure out the plot. This would present a problem with performing the record live. During the original 1973 74 tour promoting the album, Roger Daltrey would often take time between songs to describe what was going on in the story. For the early dates on the 1996 97 tour, they had Phil Daniels (the actor who played Jimmy in the film) as a live narrator onstage. For the rest of the tour, the narration segments were pre filmed, with Alex Langdon as Jimmy. Anti Hero: Jimmy who is a young hoodlum. Arc Words: Being a rock opera, it carries a few recurring themes and motifs, each one supposedly referring to a member of the band. Roger’s theme: “Helpless Dancer” Pete’s theme: “Love Reign o’er Me” John’s theme: “Is It Me, for a Moment?” Keith’s theme: “Bell Boy” “Why should I care?” also appears often. A small bit repeats in both “5:15” and “Drowned”. This stanza, sung whenever Jimmy tries to reaffirm his Mod identity:My jacket’s gonna be cut slim and checked

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