It Runs in the Family: Granted, because of the fallout there’s no choice in the matter. Kill ’em All: This was the mutants’ plan in the original, in here, it becomes Doug’s. Kill It with Fire: Big Bob’s fate, combined with crucifixion. Freudian Excuse: The Joker exploits this for all this is worth with Dr. Quinzel to win her over to his side. He claims that he had an abusive father, and only desires to make people laugh. The point I’m making here is that the national ritual after every mass killing is to isolate the murderer and focus on his weirdness and inability to be normal: his “troubled mind,” as Obama put it. But in fact, mass killers embrace our essential national values. Johnson’s mind was no more troubled than the collective mind called national defense, which identifies and dehumanizes our enemy of the moment, then proceeds to take that enemy out as efficiently as possible..

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