My husband I are not religious at all, so biblical readings were not an option for us. I ultimately settled on a poem by Maya Angelou and an excerpt from the Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage. Both readings emphasized values I believe are crucial to a successful marriage equality, fairness, and respect.

Replica bags The advice I have for these families, of which I am one, is simple. When the children are young, do what is best for them, always. When they are adults let them figure out what is best for them, then do what is best for you, always! Keep the day as pleasant, and drama free as possible, for the sake of everyone involved. When my kids were young we spent holidays with the ex, because that made them happy (See, “Honey please pass the turkey to your dad’s new wife”). Now that they are adults they get to choose what is best for them for the holidays, with no guilt from me! During the time they are with their other parents, I organize a non traditional holiday meal for my chosen family and friends. Believe me there is nothing like having Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant with 20 of your favorite friends to make you understand that holidays don’t have to look like they do on TV to be absolutely wonderful! Replica bags

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