Revoltech Yamaguchi: The original line, now overseen by Yamaguchi rather than wholly sculpted. Has stretched into Video Game territory, with Professor Layton, Monster Hunter, and Zone of the Enders figures. Tokusatsu Revoltech/SFX Revoltech: A line concentrating on Kaiju monsters and Sci Fi franchises, including Western properties. Popular for including a multitude of Toho monsters, several Iron Man suits and the infamous “Rapeface” Woody from Toy Story. Revoltech Fr A small range of figures using a universal female body sculpt. Designed to compete with Figma, the leaders of that particular market. Hokuto no Ken REVOLUTION: A range of figures dedicated entirely to the titular series. Very popular with fans, as the figures are of a particularly high quality. Revoltech Takeya: A unique line that releases articulated Buddhist statues, eastern mythical creatures and Japanese skeletons. Assemble Borg: The line for which the Revolver Joint was originally developed and brainchild of Nightow. As the toys are highly modular, parts swapping is actively encouraged and the official Web site showcases fan creations.

Wholesale Replica Bags You have just met the Stranger Behind The Mask, where The Reveal proves to be something or someone we’ve never heard of before, and had no reasonable way of expecting. This can often result in an Anticlimax, and is almost always a Shocking Swerve. Van Dine attempted to create rules for Detective Fiction, one of which was created in order to either prevent or avert this trope from occurring. If what is revealed also isn’t particularly consistent with the story, it’s an Ass Pull. Compare with Deus ex Machina, where the unpredictable event is a solution to an otherwise unsolvable problem, and with The Dog Was the Mastermind, where it is revealed that it was a minor character that nobody would have suspected, but had been previously introduced. Often relies on Contrived Coincidence to keep the audience interested. Though often seen as unsatisfying, this is often a case of Truth in Television. Wholesale Replica Bags

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