Everybody Owns a Ford: All the parents’ cars are Volvos. Probably done for laughs, not Product Placement, unless Volvo itself has a sense of humor about its stereotypical owners. Every One Chasing You: After the parents take one of Dewey’s remarks literally, see That Came Out Wrong below. Expy: Jack Black is playing his very character from Tenacious D, only without the constant swearing as the movie is PG 13. Extreme Doormat: Ned, until he finally stands up to Patty. Fantasy Forbidding Father: Zack’s dad. He comes across as overbearing, and doesn’t allow him to play the electric guitar, thinking it a waste of time. Filming For Easy Dub: Instead of Jack Black, it’s a guitar. In the climax of the film, Jack breaks out a guitar solo, but his guitar NEVER faces the camera, so you don’t see the necessary hand movements to perform said solo. Possibly Lampshaded afterwards by Mullins asking him if that was really him playing. (It wasn’t the DVD commentaries reveal Jack Black doesn’t really play electric guitar that wellnote It’s Kyle Gass who handles lead guitar in Tenacious D. Most of the guitar playing his character did was actually him miming to a pre recorded guitar track. He does occasionally play himself http://la-articlehunter.com/general/when-joe-describes-a-childhood-epiphany-a-spontaneous-orgasm/, though, such as when teaching Zack the riff to “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple.) Foreshadowing: No Vacancy removes Dewey from the band for being a Large Ham and It’s All About Me. Without him, they end up winning The Battle of the Bands. Ned tells Dewey in their first scene together that if Dewey thinks Ned’s job’s so easy, he should try it. Come Dewey answering a call meant for Ned a few scenes later from Horace Green, and guess what happens. Dewey reiterates that one great rock show can change the world. The kids’ show ends up changing their parents’ mind, and Ms. Mullins while furious with Dewey tells him So Proud of You. Freeze Frame Bonus: At one point, during the rock class montage, Dewey draws a flowchart on the blackboard with the ramifications of rock and important bands. Pausing the disc reveals how accurate the whole thing actually is. From the Mouths of Babes: Dewey has priceless reactions on the words of the preteen kids. She had them braided and below the jaw line in a dreary, bored fashion (the dull uniform doesn’t help), until the very end at their concert where they’re high up and loose. Goggles Do Nothing: Freddy wears a pair during the Battle of the Bands, most likely for Rule of Cool. Graceful Loser: The kids take getting second place at the Battle of the Bands far better than Dewey, who honestly just wanted to one up his former bandmates. The Sex Pistols never won anything.

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