Line of Delirium (1996). The second Space Opera trilogy, set in a Crapsack World heavily inspired by the Master of Orion series, where resurrection is a reliable (?) technology and Death Is Cheapnote at least for the richest few percent. The brutal interstellar wars seem to have ended for good, yet life on human worlds is anything but peaceful: assassin is a respected profession and mob clans are stronger than some planetary governments. In Line of Delirium, a professional bodyguard/assassin Kay Dutch is hired by the head of the galactic Mega Corp. that holds the patent on the resurrection technology to escort his son and heir to a backwater planet. A lot of factions in the galaxy would do anything to get their hands on the boy, but failure to protect him means a Fate Worse Than Death for Dutch, and he will even fight fate if that’s what it takes. In Emperors of Illusions, Dutch realizes that their Crapsack World is just a playground created for God Emperor of Mankind and attempts to assassinate him. The attempt fails and he finds himself on the run from the whole of The Empire and a couple alien races. Shadows of Dreams (1998) is a short prequel to the first novel, describing a previous (botched) attempt by another bodyguard to escort the boy to his destination.

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