Call Back: When you find all of Luigi’s hiding places, he leads the credits parade like in Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario 64. This also references his cameo in TTYD, but he was a shadow that time, like everyone else in the credits. In the final battle, one of Bowser’s attacks is throwing a Chain Chomp at you by swinging it like a ball and chain, just like he did in Super Mario RPG. In Bowser Jr.’s Flotilla, one of the possible enemy configurations is four different varieties of Hammer Bros., who are in turn subspecies of Koopa Troopas. Now where have we seen a team of four turtles before in Paper Mario? In Shy Guy Jungle, a paper from Goombella can be found, which states that she’s been observing the ancient civilizations of Chomp Ruins. Cap: Damage is capped at 99 per hit, which can be reached with powerful stickers and status effects. The coin cap now has an extra digit and stops at 9999. Captain Obvious: When you lose Kersti and try to talk with her:Kersti’s not here. You can’t talk to someone who’s not here.

If the character is sufficiently Badass, who they are is all that we need. How did he survive being shot by a minigun? How did she defeat those 1000 Mooks in that Offscreen Moment of Awesome? How did they get through that radiation bathed deathtrap when there was clearly no way out?Didn’t we already say they were Badass? Why is this even a question?This is a subtrope of the Rule of Cool and Law of Conservation of Detail. When well executed, this trope becomes a self perpetuating plot engine: a character is badass because they do the impossible, thus they do the impossible because they’re badass. A failed attempt, however, will shatter the audience’s Suspension of Disbelief.Sister Trope to Memetic Badass, although the latter is more closely tied to fan reaction.This is NOT a character trope. Do not list characters this trope applies to. Regardless of how outlandish his accomplishment is, “I’m Batman” is all the reason you need for it. This is the reason he can get away with being both a billionaire playboy and successfully fund his crime fighting career. Pointing it out is pointless, because being Batman is all the explanation you’re getting.”You forgot one very important thing, mate. I’m Captain Jack Sparrow!”Chuck Norris facts run on this logic. For example, he’s quite easily able to start rumours he defeated a Chaos Space Marine in single combat simply by stating what actually happened as if he was being modest. He’s also survived so many improbable situations that he’s officially still on the Imperial Guard’s payroll despite having died of old age and been buried with full military honours. The whole universe knows that.”.

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