Thirdly, there are certain tax laws that raise hurdles in the way of efforts to broaden tax base. For instance, the agriculture income, money sent from abroad in shape of workers’ remittances, and prize bonds are exempt from taxation. These loopholes have proved to be the avenues of choice for potential tax dodgers. Jerk Justifications: As Light points out he has to be In with the In Crowd and at least look “accessible” in order to succeed in politics. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Light seems to be getting there after Character Development. He’s very protective of L. First match up, Natalie vs The Prophet Shambles, blessings and peace be upon her. Frankly, I think The Prophet Shambles, blessings and peace be upon her, has bowled against pretty young blond women like Natalie many, many, many times before. Never before had I felt I was seeing a very typical Saturday Night in the life of The Prophet Shambles, blessings and peace be upon her, except that this time, she wouldn’t be consoling Natalie by buying her rather strong drinks after demolishing her on the lanes, as is her undoubted usual tactic..

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