Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, complete with a giant bar of chocolate of similar dimensions taking the place of The Monolith. (Some of the listed examples show exactly that.). The Fog of Ages: Kaim is a 1000 y/o amnesiac immortal, although his amnesia is really Laser Guided Amnesia.

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Big Bad: Derek Powers AKA Blight is Terry’s Arch Enemy and serves as the Man Behind the Man for several episodes. Costume Porn: After Willow encourages the Spinster to not just make endless duplicate outfits for everyone, everyone starts showing a lot of variation in dress.

Has nothing whatsoever to do with film reviews. Armor Is Useless: The Sontarans’ armour seems mostly decorative, as UNIT mows them down when their firearms are working again. Eye Catch: Gorenger’s eyecatch features illustrations of the Gorenger team.

Split Personality Takeover: The fate of some of the unfortunate Clayborn. Future Me Scares Me: Teen Valentino Replica Handbags and Modern Iceman are both disturbed by Replica Designer Handbags their future counterpart, Ice Hulk. Word of God is Replica Handbags that Bungie originally planned to license Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride” or Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” for this scene, but was vetoed, resulting in the generic electric guitar.