Running Gag: Cynthia is bald! His (Padre Phantom’s) face is scaaary! Look, a flying cat mummy! Scars Are Forever Shout Out: The Rou sisters’ names, both in Kanji and English pronunciation, are references to Cynthia Khan and Sibelle Hu, two 80’s Hong Kong actresses most well known for martial arts action films Slipknot Ponytail: Cynthia’s hair comes out of her ox horns during her fight with Starling and again when her seal is broken.

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Michiru dismisses them Replica Handbags and tries to meet up with Tomoya anyway, but the two girls refuse Replica Hermes Birkin to let her go. When HQ is attacked by Akuma, Klaud tells Cross to do some work. Some things really are universal. After Julia died, Shinou arranged for him to transport her soul to Earth and make sure that the baby it became was born safely.