Loads and Loads of Characters: A whopping total of fifty six. Magical Girl: Comet. Kitty N is a parody of one. Meaningful Name: Capoeira, a duo of aliens who dance using Capoeira. Moveset Clone: Columbo and Burger Dog in the first game, of Shorty and Hamm respectively. The second game has Columbo returning with other characters mimicking Kitty N, Kelly, Capoeira, Hiro and Comet.

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Replica Valentino bags No, really: One of the most frustrating and counterintuitive quirks to our language exists. There’s no practical reason, no aesthetic reason, no etymological quirk. It’s just some leftover fat dangling off the side of our language like a syntactic appendix. The only use it has now is to help prospective employers distinguish between people who were able to take SAT prep courses and those who weren’t, primarily so they can tell the latter that they’re just not Waffle House material.”The proper spelling of ‘rondel’? Right away, sir!” Replica Valentino bags

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