Dragon and lion dancers perform amidst exploding firecrackers in celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year Monday, Feb. 8, 2016 in the Philippines. This year is Year of the Monkey in the Lunar calendar. Officer Chiafari and paramedics, who had been waiting in their vehicles for the chimp to leave, rushed to the body on the ground. “She had no face,” he said. “Her hands are off.

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Fingerlings Outlet New York may not have cast the spell that has felled all championship hope in the Mile High city, but their coach was on the cover of a magazine wearing Gandalf’s hat and has been known to gesticulate in peculiar motions on the sidelines. This isn’t just a game for the embattled Outlaws franchise it’s another chance to prove everyone wrong. Unfortunately this is also a chance for Denver to choke and fold under pressure Fingerlings Outlet.