During another learning engagement, a small business owner coaching case study was presented in which the individual explained the 47/3 rule. He shared that he spent 47 years doing things the old way and only 3 years with the changed behavior. Since the old behavior had many more years of support, he occasionally fell back into old behaviors. One can also witness mounds of dirty plastic bags, filth and other garbage in open plots of residential and commercial areas, which is also one of the main causes of blockage of drainage and sewer system. However, LWMC’s spokesman said that district government is responsible to ensure dung free municipal areas in the city. A senior LWMC official on anonymity said the chief minister is very keen to ensure complete cleanliness of the provincial metropolis and that is why LWMC was established and huge budget was allocated for this company. Beyond adding a win to the total, it would give a healthy boost to Tech’s RPI ranking (69th) and be another RPI top 50 win. Tech has one road win over an RPI top 50 opponent (VCU) and is 2 6 overall on the road. Performance away from home is one way that teams are judged, and the Jackets don’t measure up in that category to this point.. In fact, it becoming quite a regular occurrence in today NBA. As the player garners a level of popularity and success as well, shoe companies produce for them a Player Exclusive colorway. Essentially a VIP NikeID.

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