School Festival Second Episode Morning Sentai Sixth Ranger: The Cures get an eventual Fifth Ranger, Cure Diamond by mid series, while the mascots get a Third Ranger, Gleamy. Meran and Korii are this for the villains, in a roundabout way they’re there from the beginning but don’t start fighting the Cures until mid season. Supervillain Lair: Castle Triste Theme Naming Colorful Theme Naming: The Quartet’s civilian aliases generally follow a “first name=element, surname=theme color” pattern. Rock Theme Naming: Not just the Cures and the mascots, but the locations, which show a heavy light and gemstone motif. The story is set in Luminous Town, they attend Bright Academy, and congregate at Gemstone Park by Lake Lapis. Those Two Girls: Aina’s friends Miyako and Mimi. Tomboy and Girly Girl: Youko and Aina, who are best friends despite their differences. The Quartet has the Spear Counterpart, Sensitive Guy and Manly Man, in Suishoku and Yakeru, who are most decidedly not best friends. Trademark Favorite Food: Hoshiko loves chocolate very, very much. Meanwhile, Youko has been shown to have some fondness for taiyaki, while both Fr is fond of both coffee and coffee cake. Transformation Sequence: Described the first time each of the girls transform, only mentioned as a “flash of light” after that. Transformation Trinket: Pretty Cure’s Star Braces, and the Quartet’s gemstone rings. Two Teacher School Undead Tax Exemption: All of the Quartet to some degree, but Amazora is probably the worst offender. Verbal Tic: Sheeny ends his sentences with ” shii”, Lucey uses ” lu”, and Gleamy uses ” gurii”. Kanon’s catchphrase also approaches near verbal tic levels. Villain Teleportation Weapon of Choice: Cool Sword: The Ruby Saber and Emerald Fleur Drop the Hammer: The Peridot Mallet Improbable Weapon User: The Pearl Glass and Topaz Mic Rings of Death: The Turquoise Chakrams Where The Hell Is Luminous Town: Somewhere in Japan? Wonder Twin Powers: Sheeny and Lucey have these, as do Meran and Korii. You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Three out of four Cures, as well as at least four of the villains and quite a few supporting characters. Curtains Match the Window: In general, although Cure Pearl and Anya both avert this.

Formed in 1988 in Long Island, New York by Frank Mullen (vocals), Guy Marchais and Todd German (guitars), Josh Barohn (bass), and an unknown drummer, their lineup quickly changed when Mike Smith (drums), Doug Cerrito, and Terrance Hobbs (guitars) joined after their own band folded, creating what many believe to be the classic Suffo lineup, as it was the one that recorded Effigy of the Forgotten. Barohn left sometime after and was replaced by Chris Richards, creating a lineup that would record Breeding the Spawn, their troubled sophomore album. Mike Smith then left shortly after and was replaced by Doug Bohn, creating the Pierced from Within lineup. Bohn left shortly after and was in turn replaced by Dave Culross; this lineup went on to record Despise the Sun before breaking up a few months later.

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