Bailee DeanHarry is 5th in line for the British throne and Meghan is an American actress, is biracial and a divorcee.Are they engaged, are they not, when are they going to get engaged, what happens after they engaged.With bookmakers deciding to pull all bets on when the engagement will take place and reports an announcement is speculation has reached an all time high and promoted Buckingham Palace to give a rare response. And they are putting their foot down.Hello! has reported a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the speculation, stating they not give a running commentary on Harry love life is uncommon for the Royal Family to make any public comment, although Prince Harry took the unprecedented step of releasing an official statement in November last year, warning everyone to back off from his rumours began to surround Markle and Harry earlier this month after it was reported the actress would be leaving her hit TV show Suits.

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