This is exactly how I feel about her storyline. It isn that motivated by the arranged part of the marriage. As a matter of fact it isn an arranged marriage at all and they emphasize this a lot in the series. It is a marriage out of love. Her fiance chose to pursue her over all the other girls at their workplace. They make an emphasis in the series that there is nothing too traditional about their wedding. Like everyone else is saying, this is the episode that brings the first act all together. We get the idea there nothing really unique about these people in this world. There are other sensates out there and there a way to connect to them. However, as an individual group they very powerful and there something equally powerful after them.Let me say that as a fan of JMS and Babylon 5 in particular he has two scenes in this episode that stand out. First is the joke about the wedding. In B5, Garibaldi wants to smuggle in special items. He mentions to the smuggler not to tell a certain doctor which the smuggler says will cost extra. Garibaldi asks how much to not tell anyone and the smuggler says “Oh, you couldn afford it.”. The second is the story about shoes. For the second point, in B5 Londo tells a touching story about his father and shoes “My shoes are too tight, but that doesn matter because I have forgotten how to dance” which sounds like a Russian mentality fitting with a guy that associates shoes with life outlooks.Seeing that JMS loves to reuse themes and philosophical concepts in his writings (saw it happen between the works of B5, Crusade, Amazing Spiderman, Rising Stars, Jeremiah, Midnight Nation and Supreme Power) I know more will show up in this show. Don get me wrong, I not disappointed. If anything, people can experience what a joy it is to hear JMS voice when they spoken by characters you invested a portion of your life toward.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 was released less than a year later in 1996, which expanded upon the previous game, with the addition of a custom combo system, new stages and endings, and five additional characters. Among these new characters were Sakura Kasugano (a Japanese schoolgirl who idolizes Ryu), Rolento from Final Fight, and Gen from the original Street Fighter, as well as returning World Warriors Zangief and Dhalsim. The American arcade version added Evil Ryu to the roster, along with extra versions of Zangief and Dhalsim (in addition to Shin Akuma and Classic Chun Li). Alpha 2 was re released in Japanese arcades under the title of Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha, which included all the added characters from the American release, extra versions of all the Street Fighter II characters (including Classic Chun Li), as well as new moves for some of the returning characters and minor changes to the fighting system (particularly in the Custom Combo system, which were easier to perform, but now consumed a larger portion of the Super Combo gauge). Zero 2 Alpha was ported to home consoles as Alpha 2 Gold, which added Cammy to the roster as well (although she was only playable in the Versus and Training modes at first; Alpha Anthology’s version of Alpha 2 Gold added her to Arcade Mode and included a new ending for her as well).

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