You know how the lyrics go: “You’ve got to have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, how’re you going to make a dream come true?” But in the world of business (especially a new business), having a dream is not enough you also have to have a plan. You wouldn’t set out on a trans world adventure without a road map or GPS, so how could you consider setting out on the most important financial journey of your life without a decent road map or co ordinates?

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Valentin replica Regulating Wall Street will never be on the Tea Party’s agenda. They are intellectually bankrupt when it comes to controlling Wall Street because they can point to no entity except the government that is powerful enough rein it in. And even the government, so riddled with Wall Street recidivists, is currently engaged in a half hearted battle to re regulate high finance. Ergo, Wall Street will not go out of its way to undermine the Tea Party. These are the very same rating agencies that gave out AAA ratings like candy to thousands of CDOs that crashed and burned. Our pundits and politicians point to these dire warnings without a hint of irony. No one bothers to say how these rating agencies turn tricks for cash and are the ever willing lapdogs of Wall Street. They got paid in the billions to rate trash as if it were gold. And now we’re supposed to pay close attention to their warnings about the solvency of America? Valentin replica

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