The Black Knights themselves can be considered this as well for turning on Lelouch, the man who brought them so far against Britannia, after everything he did in an under the table deal for Japan on account of said evidence. While it’s true Lelouch had been secretive, they were completely passive aggressive about it, used one of their most trusted and crucial members, Kallen, as bait, and threaten to gun her down as well when she protests, and worse, trusted the word of the enemy commander instead which was expertly skewed against their own, and did so with no input from the organization they were now serving, the UFN. These jerks are supposedly on Allen’s (the hero) side. The story was started as an attempt to create a backstory for the characters before it was originally provided in canon. What’s really notable about this story is that despite its rather overdone story of Naruto’s parents falling in love, it avoids making either of them into Mary Sues, which happens often. It also makes great use of Continuity Nods to events that are mentioned to have happened in the canon’s backstory..

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